Ring for Health and Vitality Spell

Find a ring set with one of the following stones: agate, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, garnet or topaz. Cleanse the ring by both cleaning it of any physical dirt or tarnish and then placing it in a glass of water in the sunlight for a few hours. Visualize the sun warming the water and this helaing light penetrating the stone. Note: Do not use this method with lapis! Just rinse with water and then set it in the sun for no more than an hour. 


Light of life, grant to me, warm and vibrant energy. 

Dry the ring and hold it in your projective hand. Visualize and chant again. Next, perform the ritual. Place the ring on your receptive hand. Dance- see yourself at your most perfect, your peak of health and beauty, your most vibrant. Feel it. Know that when you need a boost you can wear this ring and it will help you feel energized. Capture your most radiant feeling within the stone. When you wear this ring, it will give you energy. 

(Source: The Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant)


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Going to a festival for the next few days, I’ll try to queue some stuff up for you lovely folk <3 

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  • AnonymousMy parents aren't super religious and know I'm not super influenced into the whole "Christian thing" but I have no idea how to come out of the broom closettt
  • Hello there petal. I would suggest answering any questions they have, focusing on the positive aspects of being a witch/wiccan/pagan, like harming none, working with the Earth, that you don’t worship or serve the devil (unless you do), and that you use magick for the good of all. If they are open minded like my parents, they won’t have a problem after you explain that it makes you happier more spiritual person. Don’t meet any ignorance with anger, try to be level and calm about the whole thing. And do it when you’re ready, no rush. Hope this helps, blessed be

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Amber Spells for Attraction

Perform these spells on a Friday and, of you wish, call upon Aphrodite, Venus, or Freya to assist you. Remember: to the Greeks, Aphrodite was a goddess of physical love, not emotional love. If you call on her or on Venus, her Roman counterpart, be aware of this aspect of her personality. In addition, you can use these spells any day (waxing or full moon phase is best) if you feel the need. 

Remember, you aren’t directing this energy at others; rather, you’re affecting yourself, looking and feeling your best, and enhancing the natural qualities you possess that attract people to you. Try to avoid focusing on controlling the way others see you- work on yourself, and what you project. 

These spells use jewelry because it’s easier to wear and most people feel that accessories like jewelry can add a particular appeal to their physical appearance. Carrying a piece of the stone with you may not be as effective. There’s a special magic in seeing the piece of jewelry interacting with the energy and personality of the wearer. 

First charge a piece of amber jewelry for the type of attraction you desire- be careful: you could get exactly what you wish for! Some kinds of attention may be unwanted. 

Cleanse and enchant your jewelry first. For each spell, unless otherwise specified, hold the item in your projective hand while you visualize your specific purpose and chant. 

For a General Positive Appearance 

Use this spell to attract general positive energy and help things go your way.

Help me to protect my best

Qualities that I possess.

Favor me with special glance, 

Grant me this distinctive chance.

For Physical Beauty- Your Best Traits

This spell is intended to help your best physical traits draw attention.

Gentle amber from the tree,

You have aged so beautifully, 

This I ask respectfully, 

Let others see the best of me.

To Catch Someone’s Eye

There are many ways to stand out in a crowd- some of which place people in unfavorable light. This spell is intended to get you noticed, but in a subtle way. What is often seen after that depends on you. This spell will not change anything about you, but is designed for your best attributes to stand out and for you not only to be seen, but to be seen favorably.

Amber now lend me your glow,.

Let my real beauty show. 

May all/his/her eyes not favor me,

For good of all so mote it be. 

Attraction Spell for a Specific Person

While it’s not a good idea to try to bend anyone else’s free will, this is a “safe” spell to see if the person you desire shares your interest. Try it, and watch for subtle signs. If the one you seek does not appear to notice you, don’t force it. Never try to manipulate someone to fall in love with you- your actions will undoubtedly backfire. Chant three times:

Draw him/her to me, moth to flame,

Only if he/she feels the same.

Without force and without harm,

Gently now I cast this charm.

This spell is meant to help you discover if the attraction is mutual; it’s not intended to speed up a relationship or change the way someone feels about you. You can combine this with the Eye Catching spell for a boost to get noticed.

(Source: Ember Grant)

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  • AnonymousHey, I was wandering if you know any good pot plants/herbs to grow to help with anxiety? Also, is Thyme a good herb to attract faeries? And finally, what plants would you recommend to grow in a small garden? Many thanks x
  • Hello petal. Some herbs I could recommend to help sooth anxiety are lavender, gardenia, morning glory, myrtle, olive, pennyroyal, vervain and violet. These are all herbs that promote peace and harmony, lavender is the most effective for me, but see what works best. Also, if the anxiety is really bad please also seek professional help. Magick can help, but serious anxiety needs to be treated in more than one way. 

    I’m not sure about thyme attracting faeries, I lack knowledge about the fae, I would suggest asking another magickal folk. 

    Some herbs that are easy and useful for magick that you can grow are basil, mint (be careful because mint will take over your garden!), rosemary, thyme, lavender and sage, but there are so many different herbs! Choose ones that grow well in your area and that you like. I hope this helped, blessed be! 

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